With a rental car you can see more (for less!) of your destination

Still in doubt about renting a car for your next holiday? Let’s convince you; with a car you can see so much more and it can also be more advantageous than booking excursions.

Excursions vs car hire
You come to the place of destination, you get (in many cases) an envelope from the travel organization with the possibilities for excursions. Very nice if you want to go out on an organised basis, or if you can’t or don’t want to drive abroad. The excursions are not always cheap, however; for a trip of half a day you lose $ 50 Ringgit, – per person.

For comparison: rent a car on a Spanish island at the end of July (in high season) and you are about $200 Ringgit, – lost for a small car (suitable for two persons). With this you can not spend half a day on the road, but a full week! You pick it up after landing at the airport and deliver it again as soon as you are at the airport to pick up your flight to the Netherlands.

If you want to see more of the island is a car hire so considerably cheaper. And you also have the freedom to go where you want every day. You don’t have to spend whole days on the road, but you can also go for a few hours. And if you want to stay at one attraction for a long time, there is no tour guide to hunt you down.

Where do you rent a car?
You can approach a local Penang car rental on arrival or arrange this through the hotel, but it’s better to arrange this in advance. That is not necessarily more expensive and you are also better off in terms of insurance.

“Extra insurance, no risk”, the desk employee is so convinced that you’re going to doubt. Have I included everything in my rental car? Yes, if you book your rental car through us (directly possible when booking) with our fixed and reliable partner Sunny Cars. The price includes everything by default, you don’t pay any reservation fees, you get your own risk back if something unexpected happens, you can call an emergency number 24 hours a day and you can change your reservation until shortly before departure. Ideal!

Extra fine is the high coverage of Sunny Cars! In Malaysia, the civil liability is not always well regulated, despite the fact that the claims resulting from an accident can be very high. Sunny Cars therefore also covers, for these countries, up to an amount of 7,500,0000. You hope not to need it, but if it happens unexpectedly then you are in any case well insured.

Away with that credit card!
The question we hear most often is: “Do I really need a credit card? Unfortunately, we cannot give a resounding ‘no’ to them. A deposit is always requested and in many cases must be made by credit card. In some cases this can be done in cash, but we cannot promise this in advance. And people with a credit card fall, or actually fell, out of the boat.

Avoid a long wait with the Premium package
300 people will get you out of the airport and half will flow to the counters of the car rental companies. If you have been in the plane for so long, you also have to wait a long time…

Reduce this waiting time with a Premium package in advance and you can pick up your rental car extra quickly. Your rental agreement has already been completed and all you have to do is sign it. In many cases there is also a separate check-in, so you don’t have to wait for all people without a Premium package. You simply get priority.

Another advantage of the premium package is the fact that you are guaranteed a young car. This is always less than a year old or has less than 25,000 km on the counter.

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