The Technology Behind Security

Security is a concept that has been around for thousands of years. Evidently, much has been discovered in the more recent centuries that allows us to secure our possessions. It is unfortunate that we require such advanced security methods as it also means there are those looking for ways to breach them.

There are three tiers to technological security that we will discuss in this article. While technological security is a broad topic, we can narrow its requirement down to three different reasons. Read on to find out what they are!

Security for Keeping People Out

The primary use of technological security is to keep people out of somewhere. We utilize this security for our homes, cars, personal belongings, and many other things.

This form of technological security has been used for thousands of years as far back as the Egyptian times. While the technology we have today was not yet known back then the idea of setting up a mechanism in order to lock a room or building was.

One example of old-age technological security is the gate. A heavyweight would be attached to a strong rope in order to lift and lower the gate. Other mechanisms were invented to hold doors closed unless you had a specially shaped object. Today, we call these keys.

Nowadays, locks come in many forms from the traditional lock and key to an automated eye-scanner or fingerprint scanner. There are many forms of security being utilized for the sake of protecting our belongings, and more are still being invented.

I do wonder when the day will come that security is so advanced that thieves cease to exist.

Security of Keeping People In

Instead of protecting something of yours from the outside world, this part of technological security was invented to keep someone in and away from the outside world.

Prisons have a long history of security methods from blocked off caves to automatically sealed prison-buildings.

The purpose of this form of security is to keep dangerous people from harming the innocent. It may not be a nice thought to know that a human-being is locked up all on their own, but that is a far better fate when compared to the risk of that person harming an innocent.


We live in a time where our identity exists in the online world or the cyber world. Hackers and scammers are scouring the internet for ways to steal our money and identity for their own purposes.

Cybersecurity is the invention of online software that detects and repels any suspicious activity. If someone tries to access your personal device, your cybersecurity software will alert you and block it.

Protecting the things that belong to us is very important these days. There are so many people out there trying to break into your security and take things of value. It is great that so many people choose to become a locksmith in order to fight against these criminals!