Comedones – Whiteheads, Blackheads, and What Makes Them Worse

Comedones are small bumps that affect the skin, making it rough to the touch, as well as these bumps could be dark, white or skin tinted. Many people understand comedones by their more commonly made use of names – blackheads and also whiteheads. These comedones are located at the opening of the pores on the skin, and on those vulnerable to acne are generally located around the chin and also temple locations. The pigmentation of open comedones causes them to be dark, hence they are described as blackheads. Those that are shut, and also where the follicle is totally obstructed, are referred to as whiteheads.

Comedones are a main sign of acne. With the open comedone, or blackhead, excess oils collect in the duct of the sweat gland and the pigmentation makes them look like black bumps externally of the skin. With a closed comedone, or whitehead, the entraped sebum stays underneath the skin, creating a rough effect however no real coloring shows up.

These comedones could vary in dimension – as an example, comedones that are bigger compared to around 2 or 3 millimetres in size are called macrocomedones. Acne is not a condition that is special to teenagers, as many people presume, as well as therefore both comedones as well as acne could influence a person at any age, such as while pregnant or throughout a highly emotional duration.

What can worsen comedones?

There are a number of elements that could intensify as well as aggravate comedones, as well as these include:

* Injuries that cause rupture of the hair follicle, such as rough facial cleans or pimple squeezing
* Over hydration or over moisturization of the skin
* Excessive hormone task
* Free fatty acids caused by germs
* Various chemicals, such as those discovered in dye and also some cosmetics
* Emotional aspects

Treatment for comedones

There are various therapies available for those with comedones, however these therapies could spend some time to be reliable as well as are certainly not over night wonders. Relying on the severity of the problem victims may need to see a dermatologist so as to get reliable treatment. Among the treatments available are: Tretinoin, Isotretinoin, Benzoyl Peroxide, and even removal, which can be utilized on open comedones.

Those with open or closed comedones also should guarantee that they take care of their skin properly. This implies avoiding the lure to scrub at the skin in a bid to obtain eliminate blackheads, as the dark coloring is not dust that could be rubbed away, and also scrubbing up or rough washing could in fact make the problem even worse. Making use of a moderate clean once daily, and also patting the skin completely dry is the best method to keep skin clean. Those with comedones need to prevent making use of oil based cosmetics, as these could aggravate the condition by including to the construct up of oil in the follicles.

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