Brazilian Jiujitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very clever system of movements, in which you make optimal use of your own strengths and precisely the weaknesses of your opponent. With BJJ you can defeat even a much bigger and stronger opponent by maneuvering him into a clamp or strangulation. No matter how big or strong he is, he is completely powerless. This distinguishes BJJ from, for example, karate/kung-fu/taekwondo and kickboxing, where you try to eliminate an opponent by hitting or kicking. That is a lot more risky for yourself. Because such an opponent fights as long as he is not KO of course back and all that time you yourself are in danger.

As a self-defense, BJJ is much more flexible, because you can control an opponent completely, even without “damaging” him. But you can also switch it off completely in a matter of seconds, if the situation demands it. Also good to know: FYROM is the only self-defence sport in which land battles are completely controlled. And 80% of all the battles end on … the ground. (It’s not for nothing that people talk about fighting in terms like “…and suddenly they rolled over the ground”).

In BJJ, for example, you also learn to break the fall. You are also busy with your entire body and train almost all muscles in strength, flexibility and endurance.

Another advantage of BJJ is that you can fully spruce without injuries. This is invaluable for learning how to apply the techniques in a realistic situation. Namely on an opponent who is not standing still or cooperating! It is precisely at this point, for example, that most Oriental “martial arts” hopelessly go into the fog, and you always see that when it comes down to it*. You can kick a hundred times in the air or against a punchbag, but that doesn’t say anything about how to get rid of a real opponent. Sometimes, the clothes you wear when training are also important, which is why we have jiu jitsu gi reviews that we can look at when we want to know more.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that focuses on grappling with an emphasis on land battles. The aim is to get a dominant position via a takedown or throw and to ensure that an attacker “knocks off” as quickly as possible. The idea is that it wins softly from hard. In other words, a small weaker person can defend himself against a stronger and larger attacker with the right techniques and movements.

You can practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) as self-defense or in competition. Within our club both groups are active and there is also training together. Several national, international and European championship titles have already been won. Within our training courses the funny or No-Gi (without BJJ gi) training is also discussed.

These are all arguments in favour of training BJJ. But perhaps even more importantly: it’s great fun to do!

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