5 Benefits Of Gardening In Your Life

1- Feelings of benefit: being more in the present moment
Some gardening tasks are almost like short meditations. When we water the flowers, we are simply standing. One can take advantage of this to let oneself be a little hypnotized by the flowing water or the sound produced. We explore the present moment by linking it to a sense (hearing, smell, sight, etc.).

Suggested activities: Water the flowers, admire them or take a few seconds to smell their scent.

2- Feeling good: gain confidence in your creative potential
When we take care of flowers, we have both hands in the ground, but ideas sailing towards the future. To create a pretty garden, you need to “see” what doesn’t yet exist. We create from images (photos seen in a magazine, a garden observed in a neighbour’s house, a rockery seen in a botanical garden, etc.) and we have fun trying some arrangements.

Suggested activities: creating a garden or vegetable garden, redeveloping part of our land, planning the next planting, etc.

3- Felt benefit: develop your patience
A garden is not created in a single day… or even in a week! You have to be patient and considerate, too. We are terribly used to living in a world where everything goes fast and we get used to instantaneity, but gardening comes as a counterweight and teaches us again the virtues of patience. And then you get a little calmer.

Suggested activities: planting seedlings, planting seeds (instead of plants), observing changes in a flower.

4- Feel good: clear the air
There’s nothing better than “digging” into the ground to get rid of your worries. Or pull weeds to decompress or let off steam. Or repot the plants to make an internal assessment. Gardening is an outlet for our overflow of intense negative emotions.

Suggested activities: pulling weeds, removing fallen samaras from the neighbour’s maple tree, turning the soil, etc.

5- Feeling good: valuing our self-esteem
Gardening allows us to feel great personal satisfaction. It is impressive to see that all the efforts put into our flower have borne fruit. It’s like a little pat on the back that encourages us to persevere. And we need it, because we are often quicker to judge ourselves with difficulty. We understand that not everything is necessarily fast (see the 3rd benefit!) and that we must let nature take its course. We have to keep pace with nature.

Suggested activities: show our garden to our neighbours or loved ones, receive compliments, proudly look at our garden with coffee in your hands, every morning, etc. Click here to find out more about how gardening can benefit your life: Cranbrook Tree Surgeons


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