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The Waterford landing



The Waterford Landing

An Amazing Full Length Release
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Shortly after the release of their first full length release, The Waterford
Landing had a clear idea of the new direction they wanted to explore for their
follow up. Inspired by their live line up, the members began to compose what
would become In the Heart of Zombie City. With the out pour of new material,
they thought they had beaten the curse of the sophomore slump until production
began on the album.

The first obstacle was to find a co producer who understood the band's vision
and intent. This proved to be quite difficult and resulted in the entrance and
exit of two separate producers who delayed the whole project twice. The band
finally found the right collaborator for this project: musician and sound
engineer Ferny Coipel. Once the recording got underway the band experienced
more hardships. Everything ranging from technical and economic difficulties, to
the deaths of friends and family members occurred during the making of In the
Heart of Zombie City. In spite of all the tough times, the band persevered and
has finally delivered an incredible achievement.

The Waterford Landing "In the Heart of Zombie City"

The Waterford Landing:
"In the Heart of Zombie City"

While sounding like it came from the same group of individuals who produced the debut self titled L.P., In the Heart of Zombie City sees the band in very alien sonic terrain. The synthetic anchor which was the group's main identity is still there, but now there are songs with real live drums, sonic guitars and an
overall darker and less dreamy tone than the first full length album. Whereas the events and characters of the first album exist in the hidden and bizarre world of suburbia, this album takes place in the city. While the idea of eventual escape is explored in the first album, this album deals in much darker territory with lyrics about obsession, political advancement disguised as seduction, marginal personalities and the eventual confrontation that awaits us all once the proverbial veil has been lifted from the reality we perceive as
"normal life". It is by definition, an apocalyptic work.

With "In the Heart of Zombie City" The Waterford Landing has created an ambitious sonic work which plays like an aural movie for the imagination of the listener. This is not the type of work an underground independent music outfit is expected to produce, and it is what makes "In the Heart of Zombie City" a truly special piece and what is sure to become an instant modern classic.

Download it here:

The Waterford Landing "In the Heart of Zombie City"

Individual Mp3 Tracks:
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Artwork & Mp3 (256 kbs/44,100 kHz) Tracks


The Waterford Landing
"In the Heart of Zombie City"

01) City Lights Go Out
02) Whiskey Bent and Hellbound
03) The Age of Religion
04) TWL
05) Eminent Domain
06) Ritual #1
07) Red Birds
08) Wet Seal Moon
09) Love Theme from Zombie City
10) Bullet Park
11) Portal
12) Shotguns to Heaven/The Obelisk
13) Zombie Stomp
14) Soft Revolution (Blue Flames)
15) Ritual #2
16) The White Light

The Waterford Landing
"In The Heart of Zombie City"

Written by: The Waterford Landing:
Alex Caso (Vocals, Synths and Programming), Ed Matus (Synths, Guitars, Programming and Background Voices), Richard Rippe (Vocals, Bass Guitar and Acoustic Guitar), Neil Rippe (Drums)

Recorded and Produced by:
Ferny Coipel and The Waterford Landing
Mastered by: Zach Ziskin
Cover Art by: Bert Rodriguez

Copyright 2011
Though this is a free download to be shared, no song in this recording may be used for commercial purposes without the express consent of the members of The Waterford Landing.

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