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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

Nobody "Nothing"

NOBODY is the bastard love child of noise and pop; a Church Organ and Drum Machine VS an Sk-1 and micro-cassette recorder, Improvised to 4 track with single take over-dubs.

NOTHING sees torrential downpours spent indoors combining two seemingly contrasting styles and approaches to music forming flowing grooves of sweet syrupy, sometimes dreamy, freeform pop tracks baked with a crusty layer of gritty textures and thick sounds that go off on a sonic dark dub tangent where the listener is sent riding through a melodic haze of bouncing echoing beats and swelling bass lines accented with the chaotic clatter of machine engines and distorted frequencies.

Over one hour of dirty pop stoner electronic goodness.

available formats:

New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

Individual Mp3
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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01
Compressed Pack (ZIP FILE)
Artwork, Track Listing & Mp3 (256 kbs/44,100 kHz) Tracks



1. Notrack01
2. Notrack02
3. Notrack03 NoDub

Originaly Released as an ONLINE ONLY edition

ae0003 NOBODY “Nothing”
All sounds performed, produced and mastered by NOBODY.
Design by NOBODY This recording (c) and (p) 1999 Audio Electric. All rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded works reserved

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