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H.A.L.O. Vessel "Honest Wages" ep on Audio Electric

H.AL.O. Vessel
"Post Miami Vice"

In 1997, Ed Matus left the Miami underground group Subliminal Criminal and made a conscious effort to go in a boldly different musical direction. Instead of joining another group, he began to compose electronic music on his own armed with only a 4 track recorder, a drum machine, an arsenal of guitar pedals and an $80.00 synthesizer. Compositions came quickly and furiously and the results are here in the 1998 release of his first solo effort as HALO Vessel also known as "Post Miami Vice Electronics". Influenced by the music of Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer, Cluster, and the fusion and electronic music of Herbie Hancock, Matus produced an electronica release which stood out on its own. Where others in the electronica genre were creating dance floor oriented music, Matus kept the emphasis on composition. Without the aid of a computer, sequencer, or even MIDI capabilities, Matus took a similar approach to making electronic music like the one of his influences. The result is a recording which is warm, organic, varied in styles, moods, and sounds, but singular in execution. Instead of a mere homage to his influences, Matus creates a musical parallel universe in which these musical styles continue, thrive and even evolve into something new.

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H.A.L.O. Vessel "Honest Wages" ep on Audio Electric

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H.A.L.O. Vessel "Honest Wages" ep on Audio Electric
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H.A.L.O. Vessel
"Post Miami Vice"


1. (Battle Song At) West End Terminal
2. Kinky Jones
3. The Levelling Drift

4. Flying Converse Attack /
....Condition (Induced By Passion)

5. Applicazione Dei Robot
6. Dubionica
7. Tala
8. David Bowman / (A) Mission Commander
... (B) Beyond The Infinite

H.A.L.O. Vessel "Post Miami Vice" CD

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