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Halo Vessel





In preparation for the launch of Audio Electric Online Resource, we are featuring H.A.L.O. Vessel's "Honest Men" ep
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H.A.L.O. Vessel
HALO Vessel began after Ed Matus decided to take a break from the Miami Hardcore scene and go straight into the world of experimental electronica. Armed with a drum machine, an old synthesizer and an army of noisy guitar pedals he began to record a series of 4 track recordings which caught the attention of Audio Electric. In 1998, Audio Electric released his first full length effort. The self titled full length (also known as "Post Miami Vice Electronics" drew heavily from the influences of Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, and Jan Hammer, but still showed off a noisy and raw sensibility which gave Matus a reputation for making sonically organic electronic music. Though certain trademarks would remain evident, his overall sound and direction evolved into what became his second release for Audio Electric, "Honest Men" E.P. Released in 2002, "Honest Men" was a quantum leap in terms of sound and style. In the first HALO Vessel full length, the overall vision was of smooth rhythms and futuristic synths. In "Honest Men", rhythms became aggressive, destructive, and pregnant with heavy bass. The synths were no longer smooth and futuristic. In "Honest Men", they became jagged, and at times, even howled like gigantic rusting machinery. Aesthetically speaking, Matus was displaying a different future than the one he showed in his first release. After the live experience of HALO Vessel, Matus deliberately set out to make a recording which almost sounded live as opposed to the very dry and sterile production heard in many IDM recordings of the time.

Halo_Vessel "Honest Men" 12" album

H.AL.O. Vessel (featuring Push Button Objects)
"Honest Men" ep ae0004

Kendall’s original 4 track master H.A.L.O. Vessel returns onto the scene with his second release on Audio Electric. Packed with industrialized buzz-saws and submarine killer depth charges, he sets out to make honest men out of Miami’s scheming underworld. Like any struggle showing its pure undiluted raw emotion as it moves out in its attack on the sleeping nightlife scene. Ferocious driving music perfect for maneuvering through west Kendall’s IDM infested flood waters. The resulting commotion impacting enough to bring out Miami’s own Push Button Objects (AKA: PBO, Ko-Wreck Technique, Guineo on labels such as Warp, Skam, Chocolate Industries, Schematic) to join in the assault launching a secret PBO style attack remix like no other ever heard from him before! Mastered by Supersoul (Metatronix, Liquid SKy).

Miami may be a Schematic town, but that doesn’t mean the label holds a monopoly on all the distorted beats in the city. H.A.L.O. Vessel, who has appeared on the KlanKrieg comp American Breakbeat and whos’ side project cannibal A;freux has been remixed by Richard Devine, offers four tracks that follow up his Post Miami Vice Electronics release also on Audio Electric.
The hip-hop based but heavily processed beats on display here certainly have the Schematic aura to them, but things are even messier. “Aerodyne,” in fact, sounds like a room of synths and drum machines slowly dying. Better still is “Pentathelon Inception,” which suggests the odd combination of someone trying to start a motorcycle while a My Bloody Valentine record is playing in the background. Push Button Objects remixes the title track into sonic oblivion, lending the EP a certain stamp of approval that it really doesn’t even need

-Sean Portnoy, Grooves Experimental Electronic Music Magazine
Issue number 6

available formats:

H.A.L.O. Vessel "Honest Men" ep featuring Push Button Objects / Audio Electric

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H.A.L.O. Vessel "Honest Men" ep featuring Push Button Objects on Audio Electric
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H.A.L.O. Vessel (featuring Push Button Objects)
Honest Men ep


1. The Honest Men
2. Aerodyne
3. Pentathelon Inception
4. Honest Men (Push Button Objects Remix)

ae0004 H.A.L.O. Vessel "Honest Men" 12" Vinyl featuring Push Button Objects on Audio Electric
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