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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

Audionaut (as Garden Warden) "Secret Life"

Audionaut plays the role of GardenWarden, intermediary of sonic passage between the human world and the mystical veil of the AM aural otherworld. Inspired by twilight rituals, shortwave frequencies and meteorology, "Secret Life" is a collection of stories, studies and research presented through a variety of mediums such as mimicry or imitation of digital signals like information transmissions and satellite data streams. Acoustic instruments including novelty wooden hand drums, noise makers and a collection of thumb pianos are juxtaposed with the translation of natural sounds and patterns. Digital sources like induction coil microphones are used to eavesdrop on the micro-symphonies of cpu processors and zip drive time signatures to create their own off-count patterns and rhythms. Tracks like "Everglades Cruiser" capture intimate moments of lost moonlit airboat rides using field recordings over-layed with the almost meditative breathing movements of toy accordions accentuated by their squeaking leather straps. This work is a statement of moments in transition; of manmade, organic/inorganic and captured sounds hybridized to form a personalized journal of digitally processed experiences and layered compositions that play out like electro-magnetic phenomena.

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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01
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Audionaut (as Garden Warden)
"Secret Life"

1. everglades cruiser
2. iondb
3. weather modifier / feederband

4. talkies
5. oppenheimers' dream
6. el gordo
7. moment becomes memory
8. rules of engagement

25 pressing Limited Edition CD
Clear Plastic, Color Fold over insert

ae0013 Audionaut (as Garden Warden) “Secret Life”
All sounds written, performed, recorded and produced by Omar Angulo. Designed by PRJCT13/Omar Angulo
(c) and (p) 2003 Audio Electric. All Rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded works reserved.

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