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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

ele013 / ae0013.5
audionaut "requiem for cats"

‘audionaut: requiem for cats’ consists of three long-form meditations in sound by the Miami-based polymath Omar Angulo (aka Audionaut since 1996). Recorded between 1996 and 1998, Audionaut’s experiments repurpose primitive electronic instruments. The tracks are built from layers of real-time improvisations that push the audio into blurry malfunctions and imperfections; while simple structures make each track cohesive, close listening reveals multiple patterns as they are developed and abandoned.

Avoiding the conventional use of samples and tape loops as musical materials, the recordings capture the intimate, process-based explorations of a brilliant autodidact: microcassette field recordings of a colossal, cube-shaped metal sculpture shifting on its axis; supersonic frequencies emitted by television and video remote controls captured, transformed, and made audible by an induction coil microphone; phonograph needles drop on vintage LPs designed to test a stereo’s hi-fi capabilities; cassette tape artifacts are densely layered through intuitive randomization of movements between Play, Rewind, and Fast Forward functions; the sounds of a damaged, primitive Casio sampler keyboard revives a disposable, obsolete technology; melodies are created through physical contact with the ends of audio cables; et cetera.

But the album’s lo-fi experimental approach—replete with warm tape noise and artful glitches—should not obscure the intimate nature of the process: there is a depth of focus and emotion at the heart of these recordings, which were made without any intention to release them to the public. In other words, the album is truly experimental, personal, and meditative. The hazy, winding twenty-two minutes of the title track ‘requiem for cats (movements in memory)’ are a deeply personal lament and celebration for dear departed felines; Angulo’s cat used to play with the chimes whose warped sound can be heard clearly on the track.

‘audionaut: requiem for cats’ is a joint release by Audio Electric and Elegua Records.
The physical album is a handmade limited edition package that includes a screen-printed case,
an 18 x 10.5” screen-printed paper insert, and a full-color cellophane insert.

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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

ele013 / ae0013.5
"requiem for cats"

New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01
audionaut (as Garden Warden)
"Secret Life"
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ele013 / ae0013.5
"requiem for cats"

1. requiem for cats / movements in memory
2. gemini twin, wannabe tyrant
3. camcorder suites

4. 1927
5. assend
6. tone deaf atheist

Total playing time: 62’01”

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