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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

Audio Electric 2003 Winter Music Sampler

The 2003 Audio Electric Winter Music Sampler is an excellent snapshot of the Audio Electric roster executing their plan to commit a sonic heist, with each culprit doing their bit for the master plan. Rhythmic acts like HALO Vessel and R.H. Rippe join in the aggressive sound experimentation and audio insanity of Microsapien, Audionaut and Living Stereo. All of the acts shed their dreamy suburban approach of days past in order to showcase a highly concentrated experimental approach which is sometimes minimal and at other times a more than proper test for one's stereo system. Whereas other experimental artists of the time paid lip service to the likes of Edgar Varese or Gyorgy Ligeti just to look cool and knowledgeable, the Audio Electric syndicate was living and continuing the tradition of serious unapologetic experimental music. This is the joint statement which says with a singular voice "We mean business, and we're not fucking around."

Enforcing the Audio Electric motto:
...Sound is Music is Sound...

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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01
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Audio Electric 2003
Winter Music Sampler

01 H.A.L.O. Vessel
The Honest Men

02 Audionaut

03 Microsapien
Akra K

04 R.H. Rippe
The Looking Glass

05 Manufactura'
Distant Kendall Drives (edit)

06 Microsapien

07 H.A.L.O. Vessel
Numeric Mall

08 R.H. Rippe
Angel Down

09 Audionaut
Moment Becomes Memory

10 Living Stereo
Tonkin Towers

11 Living Stereo

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2003 Audio Electric sound sampler
mastered by RH Rippe
Photography by Seth Berkey / Design by PRJCT13
This recording (c) and (p) 2003 Audio Electric
All rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded works reserved

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