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New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01

Audio Electric is an independent label specializing in documenting abstract experimental electronic music through collectible hand packaged small run/limited editions using various physical and digital formats.

All Audio Electric releases are available in limited editions or FREE DOWNLOADS!

About Audio Electric:
Founded in 1997, Audio Electric was formed from the need to document the works of independent artists and musicians who were producing a brand of experimental music that fell outside of existing genres.

Coming from various alternative backgrounds, all AE artists share an authenticity in sound unique to each individuals expression.

The labels output encompasses elements of many genres but primarily ranges from sound art, sonic sculptures and landscapes to aggressive beat and melodic rhythms, all driven by a hardcore abstract experimental ethic resulting in the labels motto "...sound is music is sound..."

Audio Electric releases its findings through various physical and digital formats including Cassette, 12" Vinyl, Cd, Cdr, Dvdr, Memory Card, Thumb Drive, high quality Mp3, Wav and FLAC

Artists: H.A.L.O. Vessel, Living Stereo, Microsapien, Audionaut, RH Rippe, Manufactura', Garmonbozia(6713), Lmnt6, el Coupler, End of Line, Nobody, Ovrwrkt@Krblnka (and others...)

in 2007 Audio Electric sound documentation changed to
Audio Electric documentation projects to more accurately reflect the labels initial mission.

Audio Electric is a cohort of brothers in arms labels: Elegua Records and Applied Chaotics.

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Audio Electric Releases:

  New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01 ae0013 Audionaut "Secret Life" ae0007 R.H.Rippe "The Tropic of Cancer" ae0005 HALO Vessel "Honest Wages"
ae0004 HALO Vessel "Honest Men"
ae0003 Nobody "Nothing"
ae0002 HALO Vessel "Post Miami Vice Electronics"
ae0001 New Construct Committee, Audio Electric Sound Sampler 01
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